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Important Information for Trust Deed Investing

Invest wisely today with Harmon Financial Corporation. Our Modesto, California-based organization has specialized in trust deed investing since 1974. We've become a haven for private investors interested in investing in California real estate. We arrange different kinds of special situation loans, and all investments are secured by a first deed of trust.

Premier Real Estate Opportunities for Investors

Investors interested in our real estate investments opportunities are invested into short-term Promissory Notes secured by first deeds of trust. These have a yield of up to 10% per annum, paid out monthly. While our program offers investors the opportunity to purchase 100% of a given real estate investment, our most typical investor purchases a fraction of a real estate investment. This way, the investor owns the Note with multiple investors, allowing the individual to better diversify his or her funds.

When an investor owns a fractionalized interest in a Note, any actions concerning that property are determined by the majority. Contact us today to learn more.

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